At Free Walking Tours Girona we have prepared a selection of interactive guided tours for you to enjoy discovering this medieval gem.

To visit the streets of Besalú is to go back to the Middle Ages. Located in La Garrotxa, this small town has been the setting for many historical series and films. One understands why at first glance.

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Besalú Free Tour

You will enjoy the best tour of Besalú, one of the most beautiful medieval towns on the peninsula. And you’ll do it with an official city guide, the only and best way to visit any of the buildings inside.

Duration: 1:30h

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Minimum: 2 pax

Besalú Private Tour

Buy tickets Tour Besalú If you want to join a group tour, you can join our Free Tour of Besalú

Duration: 2h

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Tours privados en Besalú

Its unique location, a fortification between two rivers, is what has given rise to the characteristic medieval bridge that acts as an icon of the town. However, its medieval heritage is palpable not only in the bridge, but also in the structure of the town itself. There we find the Jewish baths, since this is where the Hebrew families who later created the Jewish quarter of Girona came from.

All this medieval past has not only shaped Besalú, but this past is still tangible in its streets and alleys. If you are looking for a place to let yourself lose and dive in its history, in a medieval town that still preserves the echoes of its past, you may be interested in visiting Besalú with one of our local guides. In our tours we talk not only about the origin of the town, but also about its role within the historical framework of Catalonia and the consequences that all of this engraved on the stones of the town.

Why choose Besalú?

Besalú perfectly integrates a medieval architecture that has hardly undergone any changes in recent centuries. Located on a hill, from where we have documented the presence of a castle, Besalú was of key importance in Catalan politics in the 10th and 11th centuries, before being absorbed by the House of Barcelona.

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Where to find our tours in Besalú

You can find us in Free Tour Besalu, Carrer del Pont, 2, 17850, Besalú, Girona

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