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At Free Walking Tours Girona we have prepared a selection of interactive guided tours for you to enjoy discovering the city of Girona.

Girona province is located just 60 kilometers from France, is one of the most emblematic cities in Catalonia. Founded by the Romans more than two thousand years ago, Girona still retains the charm of bygone times..

It is a place of legends, secrets and history, three factors that go hand in hand to make it one of the most important tourist destinations nationwide. Due to this, we have prepared a series of Free Tours and Activities so that you can enjoy the city in the best possible way.

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Girona Free Tour

The city of Girona is one of the most emblematic and fascinating medieval villages of Catalonia

Duration: 2h

Price: Free

Mínimum: 2 pax

Girona Jewish Free Tour

In this tour we will discover why the Jews community settled in Girona a thousand years ago. We will walk through its alleys and talk about its tortuous history

Duration: 1:30h

Price: Free

Mínimum: 2 pax

free tour de misterios y leyendas de girona

Mysteries and Legends of Girona Free Tour

Legends, ghosts and mysteries of Girona come to know them with us. A tour to believe or to not believe but essential to learn and get know the city. Book free online!

Duration: 1:30h

Price: Free

Mínimum: 2 pax

Private tours in Girona

Girona is a city of contrasts. Divided into two halves by the Onyar river, the western part responds to a relatively recent construction, after the French invasion of 1809. It is an ideal area for shopping, for strolling among shops and restaurants.

In contrast, the eastern half is where the historic center is located. It still retains its medieval charm, and it is precisely here, in the heart of what the Romans called ancient Gerunda, that one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in Europe is located. Getting lost in its narrow streets and discovering its corners with centuries of history behind them makes the experience of visiting Girona something unique and difficult to forget.

This is helped by a climate with a much more pronounced presence of the sun than in other parts of northern Spain, and a culinary culture that forces those who decide to discover it for the first time to return

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Girona Private Tour

We want you to squeeze Girona, to live it as we do. May you enjoy it, may you fall in love with it. That is why we assign a person so that she can answer all your questions. To adapt the tour to what you are most interested in seeing.

Duration: 2h

Price: 180 € per group

Minimum: Up to 10 pax per group

Girona Jewish Quarter Private Tour

In this guided tour of Girona we will immerse ourselves in the past, the history and the life of the Jewish community of medieval Girona

Duration: 1:30h

Preu: 180 € per group

Minimum: Up to 10 pax per group

tour privado de la judería

Why chose Girona?

If you are thinking of giving the city a chance, it would be a pleasure for us to welcome you on one of our tours. We will delve into the past of the city, from its multiple sieges by the French to the tragic history of the Jewish community, without forgetting its foundation and the role that the Romans played in shaping the current historic center.

Why pick Free Walking Tours Girona?

Learn every nook and cranny that the city hides from the hands of our local guides, an activity that is always enjoyable and carried out by people who love not only Girona, but also its stories.

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