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The Jewish community left to Girona an indelible trace of their religion, customs and culture. Centuries after their expulsion, these signs are still very visible, if you know where to look.

Therefore, we have devised this tour with the focus on the Jewish quarter. We want you to learn about the history of the Jews of Girona and the importance of their legacy not only in the city, but also in Israel itself. With a local guide, exclusively for your group, you will know not only the most important monuments and places of the Jewish quarter, but you will also learn more about them so that your visit will be as enriching as possible.

Jewish Girona Private Tour


The history of the Jews in Girona lasted more than six hundred years. On the tour we will discover why they came, where they came from, why they left and everything that happened in between. As in Seville, Toledo or Barcelona, cities that hosted large Jewish communities, the main feature that we find in the Jewish quarter of Girona is that it had to coexist with a much larger Christian community. 

Six centuries go a long way and the frictions between the two populations are numerous and well documented. From the hand of our local guides we will understand why these conflicts occurred. We will see how the Jews lived in the Middle Ages in a city that, in time, was openly hostile to them, and we will delve into the events that led the Jews to remain locked inside the neighborhood for years.

Of course, we will talk about the Inquisition and its growing opposition to Judaism, and how little by little, enclosed within its walls, the Jews tried to flourish with everything against them. We will talk about their progress towards their people, especially with regard to Kabbalah and theological studies of the Torah, and we will learn about the lives of great figures who are still influential in Israel today, such as Nahamanides.

And finally, the tour will momentarily leave the Jewish quarter to visit the Gironella Tower. This tower housed entire families of Jews to protect them from the violent mob that shook Spain, and by extension Girona, in 1391. 

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Frequently asked questions

How much does the Private Tour cost?

This tour is a private walking tour for tourists of all ages. The price per group up to 10 people 180 Euros. If you would like once the tour is finished, if you consider it appropriate, you can tip the guide.

How long does the Jewish hisotry private walking tour last in Girona?

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours, taylored to your pace, making several stops that allow you to see the most emblematic places well. Our goal is that you enjoy while you walk around the city.

Do you do tours for groups of 10 or more people?

Of course. In these cases, to ensure a top quality experience, we offer you our private tours of Girona. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will adapt to your needs.

Some general tips for the free tour

It is recommended to arrive about 10 minutes before the scheduled start time, so that we can start the tour on time.

Do you plan to bring a backpack? Do not forget to bring a bottle of water to hydrate yourself along the way.

Consider that you are going to walk for two hours, so we recommend that you wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable and suitable for a walking tour.

If you have reduced mobility and wish to attend the tour, contact us in advance and we will make the necessary adjustments

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