Meeting point of our Girona Free Tours


Starting location of our Free Tours in Girona

All our tours start at the same meeting point. This is on the side of Plaça Catalunya, 12, 17004 Girona, next to the Eat, Sleep, Cycle café and the Gioconda ice cream shop. Both establishments are well marked on Google Maps. It is only a ten minute walk from the train and bus station, in the direction of the Town Hall. In fact, the meeting point is just a three-minute walk from the Town Hall itself.

How to get to the meeting point of our free tours?

The train and bus station is within a ten-minute walk, you can also get to the meeting point of Free Walking Tours Girona by bus. The best option is line L11. You can take it from Plaça Miquel de Palol, next to the train and bus station, towards the direction of UdG Montilivi. There are only 6 stops, the journey should take no more than six minutes. The stop where you need to get off is Plaça Catalunya.

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