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Girona is a city of legends and mysteries. This traditional Catalan city is an open-air museum of history that will make you fall in love with its narrow cobblestone streets and medieval towers overlooking the river on one side and the mountains on the other.

Girona is a city with a long and deep history. There are many mysteries and legends that have been passed down through the years, giving us a glimpse into the lives of those who came before us.

We will reveal the dark stories hidden in its streets on the Mysteries and Legends Free Tour, one of our most special tours.

As local guides, we provide you with a fun experience as you discover all the secrets that this city has kept for so long.

Girona is a hidden gem. This medieval city is full of historic churches, castles and the best preserved Jewish Quarter in Europe. On this free tour you will explore the Witches Tower in the Cathedral of Santa Maria for its connection to witches and witchcraft. You will discover the smallest square in Europe and perhaps the world, see secret sculptures and pass through the Jewish Quarter, steeped in unknowns and mysteries that no one knows if they are fact or fiction. 

We will see the famous statue of the Lioness, one of the symbols of Girona. We will tell you the story of the witch of the Cathedral, and we will talk about killer monks and other legends that nourish the history of this beautiful medieval city.

Join the Free Tour Mysteries and Legends of Girona to discover the most sordid history and corners of this wonderful city, one of the most emblematic and charming cities of Catalonia.

Included in the walking tour

The hanging houses over the river Onyar, The Iron Bridge, The Plaza de la Independencia, The Jewish Quarter, The Cathedral and the Basilica of San Félix, The Roman Wall

Visit the highlights of this historic city

Do you know why flies are a symbol for the city of Girona? In this Free Tour we tell you the story, and how Sant Narcís became the patron saint of the city.

We will pass by the Agullana Palace, one of the most emblematic places. We will unveil the legend about the Agullana family and its famous coat of arms. The story is about vampires.

We will cross the Pont de Pedra, where the Ramblas de Girona begin, whose arches contain many surprises that you will love to know.

Of course, we will see the Tarlà de Girona, one of the most beloved figures by the people of Girona. It is a doll that hangs from side to side of the Argentería street.

We will also discover the Majordoma de Sant Narcís, in the middle of the archaeological promenade. Do you know its legend? 

Come to this tour in which you will travel back in time and learn about the mysteries and legends of a wonderful city. Live a unique experience in Girona!


Frequently asked questions

How much does Misteries and Legends Free Tour cost?

The Misteries and Legends Free Tour is a free price walking tour for tourists of all ages. You have no obligation to pay anything. Once you have finished the tour, if you consider it appropriate, you can tip the guide. In a Free Tour you are the one who decides how much the experience is worth.

How long does the Misteries and Legends Free Tour usually last?

The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes , it is done at a leisurely pace, making several stops that allow you to see the most emblematic places well. Our goal is that you enjoy while you walk around the city.

Where do we find you?

You can find us on the side of Plaça de Catalunya , in front of the Eat Sleep Cycle Café

Some general tips for the free tour

It is recommended to arrive about 10 minutes before the scheduled start time, so that we can start the tour on time.

Do you plan to bring a backpack? Do not forget to bring a bottle of water to hydrate yourself along the way.

Consider that you are going to walk for two hours, so we recommend that you wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable and suitable for a walking tour.

If you have reduced mobility and wish to attend the tour, contact us in advance and we will make the necessary adjustments

Do you do tours for groups of 10 or more people?

Of course. In these cases, to ensure a top quality experience, we offer you our private tours of Girona. Do not hesitate to contact us, and we will adapt to your needs.

Free Walking Tours Girona Contact Information

Find us in Plaça Catalunya 12, 17004, Girona, opposite to Eat, Sleep and Cycle Café, next to the Gioconda ice cream shop.

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