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Booking a Free Tour to see Girona is an excellent choice to learn about the history and culture of this Catalan corner.
Choose the city you want to visit and choose the Free Tour that you like the most and experience Girona touring the city with local guides.

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Girona city located just 60 km from France, is one of the most emblematic cities in Catalonia. Founded by the Romans more than two thousand years ago, Girona still retains the charm of bygone times..


Dicover the province of Girona


Girona, city is located just 60 kilometers from France, is one of the most emblematic cities in Catalonia. Founded by the Romans more than two thousand years ago, Girona still retains the charm of times

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Cadaqués is one of the jewels of the province of Girona. Considered by Salvador Dalí to be the most beautiful town in the world, Cadaqués is located at the eastern end of Spain. In fact, it is the easternmost town on the entire peninsula


Visiting the streets of Besalú is to goingo back to the Middle Ages. Located in La Garrotxa, this small town has been the setting for many historical series and films. One understands why at first glance.

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Gino is passionate about history who has lived from tourism for more than a decade. He started as a guide in Hostalric, a town in Girona with heritage to give and take. Later, he moved to London, in the United Kingdom, where he worked as a tour guide for several years, until he finally settled again in Girona.

What to see in Girona

Girona is a Catalan province of great tourist interest, mainly due to its marked medieval character, rich in heritage and with an interesting gastronomic and cultural proposal.

Do you like to try the local gastronomy? You cannot miss the famous “potatoes from Olot”, the “arroz de Pals” or the “botifarra”. Tasty typical dishes of the region. Check our blog to know what to see in Girona, the best tips and recommendations

What do they think about Free Walking Tours Girona?

Private tours in Girona

Nothing better than our walking tours designed by expert guides.

If you are looking for a more intimate experience, be prepared because the Private Tour is an exclusive tour. We’ll take you off the beaten track to places that are off-limits to tourists.

Girona has a rich past in history and heritage. The Jewish community of medieval Girona was one of the most important and influential in Europe. Would you like to immerse yourself in the past with the Jewish quarter of Girona?

Do you have the right time? The Girona Private Tour will take you through the narrow streets of Girona, showing you the most important historical places and monuments of the city.

We can also directly accommodate Private Tours in Cadaqués, Besalú, Figueres and other medieval towns in the province.

What makes us different?

Girona is a province steeped in mystery, culture and history, but finding the time to fully explore it can be difficult. It is very typical to arrive in a city and not know what places to see.

With the help of Free Walking Tours Girona you can enjoy a walking tour of the towns and cities of Girona.

We will give you entertaining explanations that will help you understand the history of Girona, we will tell you interesting anecdotes and details, and together we will explore hidden corners in a unique experience. Enjoy touring Girona with our dynamic, fun and entertaining Free Tours.


What is a free tour?

A free tour is a tour led by a local tour guide through certain points of a city and that normally follows a specific theme, it does not have established price set, but rather it is the client who pays an amount based on the degree of satisfaction with the guide through tips.

What do you normally pay in a free tour?

There is no price set, each person is free to give the amount they consider appropriate. As simple as that. We only care that you enjoy the experience.

Why a free tour?

It is a way of doing tourism that is present in all the main cities of the world. In a free tour you discover the most interesting spots of each place visit, while a guide tells you about its history and culture. It is about living a unique experience through a walking tour.

How do free tours works?

A Free is a guided walking tourist route to the main points of a city in which no price is fixed for the participants. Depending on their economic capacity and, above all, a valuation of the tour, participants give a tip to the guide when the walking tour tour ends.

Is booking necessay?

If you go to the meeting point without making a reservation, and there is availabiltiy, you can join the Free Tour. Although it would be much better if you book andy notify us in advance to limit the size of the group.

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We all know that free walking tours are worth it, but why? What do they offer that makes them so valuable?
Free Walking Tour is a great way to see the world and experience different cultures. It offers a different perspective of sightseeing.
Without a doubt, it is one of the best ways to explore a new place and learn interesting facts about its history.

Being run by locals, it allows you to discover wonderful corners that you would not find otherwise.
In addition, the Free Tours are also a great opportunity if you want to practice your language skills, since the guides speak the local language.
It is a good cultural exchange that gives you the chance to learn more about the places you visit.

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